8 inch stainless steel membrane with seam


Membrane housing are available for 300psi, ideal for a widely variety applications including brakish water,sea water,municipal water treatment,industrial processing, electronics production, ultra-pure water, food and beverate,automotive application, power generation and heal care applications. The construction of material of membrane housing is stainless steel,which has very strong chemical corrosion resistance.

Tiger water treatment of membrane housing in 8 inch diameter. The membrane vessels aims to replace pentair codeline and protect series. Clients can select suitable vessels and housing according to order and specification guide.

Features of Membrane Filter Housings:

1.Economic and practical, suitable for most industrial , domestic and commercial water filtration applications.
2.SS304/316L anni-corrosion construction material
3.Smooth fluid piping design
4.Tight inside structure for foot printing saving
5.TC-clamp type easy opening closure
6.Polishing surface finishing for shining looking
7.Elements diameter:.8”
8.Elements Qty:8040 8080 80120 80160 80200 80240

Technical Requests
1.Smooth welding edges
2.Surface polishing & sand blasting finish for in/out side
3.Hydro Test
4.300PSI working pressure rating
2.Municipal water treatment
3.Industrial water production
4.Electronics manufacturing
5.Ultra-pre water treament
6.Food and Beverage
7.Automotive industry
8.Power Generation